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At Tracy Beckes and Associates, Inc., experience has taught us that a  consciously crafted business is a key component of a phenomenal life. Tracy has spent her career exploring ways to turn visions into reality and move past the blocks that get in the way. After studying hundreds of personal growth and business development programs, she has distilled thousands of concepts down to a few simple truths:


Ø  A successful business is a byproduct of a successful life.


Ø  Professionals develop in profound ways when they move their businesses towards what they want, instead of trying to fix what doesn’t work.


Ø  An ideal life and vibrant business require a simple yet profound commitment: to be clear about when, where and what you are doing when you are at your best.


Ø  Only by authentically honoring who you truly are can you offer your unique gifts to the world.


Most successful professionals have one thing in common: they want to get even more out of their lives. However, something is stopping them from easily moving forward. Discovering the factors that block improvement requires that you look deep inside. Often, making small changes internally can contribute to significant results externally.


To make lasting internal changes and move your business to the next level, it is imperative that you work from a foundation of integrity and personal responsibility. People make the fastest progress when they can honestly say:


Ø  I commit to knowing my authentic self completely. I commit to regarding every interaction as a learning opportunity. I commit to letting go of any of my defensive postures that inhibit rapid learning.


Ø  I commit to exploring and mastering personal integrity. This includes honoring my feelings, expressing the truth and keeping my agreements.


Ø  I commit to taking full responsibility for my feelings and the circumstances of my life, and to being a catalyst for others taking full responsibility. Specifically, I take complete responsibility for my physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual well-being.


Ø  I commit to embracing and expressing my creativity, as well as supporting the creativity of others.


We believe that everyone has a unique contribution to offer the world, and that expressing it is vitally important to the level of fulfillment you experience in your life. Only by laying a strong foundation of high standards and personal integrity will your business and personal life evolve to support your unique contribution.

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What advisors say about Tracy...

Tracy has been patient and persistent, and I have moved forward in a number of areas in my practice and personal life as a result of our conversations. I am spending more time on areas that are important to me. I am a better supervisor and financial planner, and my income has risen significantly. I am very satisfied with the quality of the coaching she has provided to me over the last four years….
~ Richard Vodra, CFP

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