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Helping Financial Planners Create Effortless Outrageous Results



This is all about you.


You help others secure their financial future.


You guide their planning and shape their key decisions.


Thanks to you, your clients rest easier and look forward to a

comfortable life.



But — what about your life? 


Are you satisfied? Is your life working? Are you experiencing

deep fulfillment in your business?



If the answer is no … not sure … or even a little hesitation … come explore.



An Invitation to Discover


Take a step back from the rigorous pace of your work and life. Let go of your calendar, your to-do list, your overstuffed inbox. 


Make space for a new perspective. Look around your life and be honest about what you see.


Are you truly, deeply satisfied? Is your business really working for you?


Like everyone else, you’ll want to say yes. But few can do so with honesty. Few can say that every aspect of life is fulfilling, every area is on track, every action and hour is moving them closer to important goals and deeply held ambitions.


But — some can! 


Many of your professional peers — with busy financial advisory practices like yours — can honestly say that it’s not lofty to expect thorough satisfaction in life and business. They’ve achieved this!


How? The right perspective and a comprehensive support system have brought an ideal business and life within their reach.


You can experience the same. As a self-employed advisor, you have the flexibility plus the skills to engage in comprehensive planning for your life. Your profession has instilled the value of having a clear direction and commitment. You have acquired the necessary life experience to understand how you operate.


In short, you are perfectly positioned to create the life of your dreams.


All that is missing is someone to teach you how to structure your business to support incredible quality of life, maintain passion for what you do and maximize your excellence in an effortless way.


Meet Tracy Beckes.



Would you like a free business assessment tool to evaluate how well your business is working for you?


What advisors say about Tracy...

I am no stranger to hiring and interacting with advisors, consultants, and counselors. I have owned and managed four small businesses for over 30 years. I have found Tracy to be among the best of any professional that I have ever engaged. Tracy is extremely insightful, intuitive and supportive. She serves as a valuable touchstone that keeps me focused. Tracy has helped me to uncover and focus on my best qualities and to create a professional environment to help me flourish (let me assure you, I am no ‘walk in the park’ for a coach). I have found great value in her services, as have my peers, who consider her one of the top coaches in the financial planning industry.
~ Rick Kahler, MS, CFP, ChFC, CCIM

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