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  • Openness to discussing challenges, frustrations and successes. They adopt the perspective that these are opportunities to learn about themselves.
  • High aspirations, both personally and professionally. They want to have it all, and know that with the right strategies in place, it’s possible.
  • Capable of reflection and introspection. They can be honest with themselves about what is and isn’t working in their lives.
  • Affinity for learning. They consider themselves life-long learners and are open to new ideas, perspectives and ways of doing things.
  • Process and results oriented. They see as much value and joy in the journey as they do in achievement.
  • Engaged in all areas of their life. While they may be out of balance at times, they understand the value of developing both personally and professionally.
  • Action oriented, with a commitment to progress. They understand that they are responsible for their own results.

Tracy’s clients also tend to be:

  • Well established professionals. The majority of her clients are financial planners, as well as a few accountants and attorneys, between 40 and 70 years of age, with successful practices and goals for future growth.
  • Industry leaders, well known financial planners that influence the direction of the profession.
  • Visionaries, with dreams of an outrageous quality of life for themselves and everyone around them.
  • Personal growth oriented, with a perspective that encompasses all of life.
  • Invested in having fun, staying healthy, providing great service and building phenomenal relationships.
  • Fully aware that their personal and professional lives are inseparable, and constantly exerting an influence on each other.

Tracy is consistently sought after by married advisors that are working and in some cases raising families. Because of her extensive background with high-level relationship communication techniques, she has mastered the complexities and unique challenges of such a relationship, and has offered guidance to numerous couples.

Tracy works primarily with financial planners, as well as accountants and attorneys who practice financial planning. While she has a diverse clientele, many of her clients have certain things in common. People who exhibit the following traits tend to enjoy a successful and fulfilling coaching relationship:

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What advisors say about Tracy...

Tracy has been patient and persistent, and I have moved forward in a number of areas in my practice and personal life as a result of our conversations. I am spending more time on areas that are important to me. I am a better supervisor and financial planner, and my income has risen significantly. I am very satisfied with the quality of the coaching she has provided to me over the last four years….
~ Richard Vodra, CFP

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