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The Most Important Investment an Advisor Can Make

You’ve made a significant investment to become a highly skilled financial advisor, but how much training did you receive on structuring a financial planning firm that would support a great life? Did anyone teach you how to:

  • Map out where you want to take your business, and how you will get there?
  • Keep your business securely centered on the things you love to do?
  • Balance the growing demands of your business with the rest of your life?
  • Sort out and delegate the details, so you can devote yourself to focused and effective action to support the growth of your business?
  • Integrate flexible, dynamic systems of support?
  • Maximize your time, money, energy and relationships?
  • Structure your business so that it naturally showcases your best work?
  • Maintain your enthusiasm and avoid burnout?

Unless you had wise guidance every step of the way, you probably built your business the way everyone else did, by modeling other practices around you, applying self-directed research and learning from trial-and-error. By now, you’ve established the systems and structures to keep your business running relatively smoothly.


But is it Effortless?


Too many successful advisors still struggle. Despite their business management skills and professional expertise, there are still aspects of the business that aren’t working well. This leaves advisors struggling to:

  • Keep up with their endless to-do list.
  • Find time to grow the business.
  • Streamline operations.
  • Cope with accumulating demands.
  • Deliver at the highest level.
  • Rejuvenate and restore their energy levels.
  • Feel inspired, motivated and fulfilled.
  • Shift the business in new directions as opportunities unfold.

Most advisors are skilled in supporting clients to use their money effectively to live a great life, but often struggle to apply that same skill set to their own lives. Unfortunately, it’s inherently difficult to support clients in creating a great life when you aren’t feeling that level of satisfaction and fulfillment in your own life.


Modeling an inspiring lifestyle that authentically reflects who you are is one of the greatest gifts you can offer a client. It’s also the strongest way to brand your firm, and the most effective way to convey the value and benefit of what you have to offer.

Align Your Business With A New Vision


Stop compromising, and start moving directly towards the business and life you want to create. Invest the time to restructure your business so it supports an extraordinary lifestyle and reliably produces exceptional results. Once you explore and apply the essential strategies to shift your experience of your business, you’ll be able to:

  • Reconnect with your passion and enthusiasm.
  • Experience more effortlessness throughout your day.
  • Break through the drudgery and stagnation.
  • Live from the full expression of who you are, and what you’re capable of offering.
  • Master core business practices that enable the business to run more effectively.
  • Reclaim a balanced, spacious life without sacrificing productivity or profits.
  • Clear out the physical and emotional clutter that limits your ability to think big.
  • Start wanting more for yourself, and for everyone around you.
  • Apply comprehensive principles to run the most effective business, based on your natural abilities.

Access the transformational tools, processes and perspectives that have helped thousands of advisors create vibrant and extraordinary lives. As you cultivate the practices that align your life with a larger vision, your business will evolve through meaningful and effortless productivity.


The Essence of the Effortless Outrageous Business Program


This transformative program is for people who are as deeply committed to their personal evolution as they are to the growth of their business; it’s for people who understand that the growth of the advisor and the business are inseparable.


It is a wisdom-based, holistic approach that is grounded in the power of conscious choices. It’s an extraordinary approach to life itself, and the way you make decisions. It teaches you to identify when you’re at your best and then to reorient everything around those strengths to achieve phenomenal results in your business and life.


Unlike any other business development system, the Effortless Outrageous Business program is much more than problem solving, goal setting and self-improvement. It addresses the subtle programming that creates mental and emotional blocks, which determine your experience of your business, relationships and life.


As a participant, you’ll discover the connection between the ease of your life as a whole, and the success of your business. You’ll come to realize that sometimes the most powerful goals don’t have anything to do with traditional business results; it’s about how you’re achieving the results that really matters.


The two-year program is a comprehensive approach to integrating lasting changes in your personal and professional life, so that it reflects you authentically. More than just strategies, the program is designed around experiential learning, with opportunities to apply new understandings in a supportive and inspiring environment.


The Effortless Outrageous Business program is not a one-size-fits-all formula for business development, or a template for your business. It’s a program that supports you in identifying what you want, and shifting the foundational, core-level programming that created your current experience. Only by addressing that deeper level can people make the changes that will last a lifetime.

How is the Program Structured?


The two-year Interactive Group Coaching Program consists of retreats, teleclasses and effective strategies that are designed to give you the guidance and support to make powerful changes in your business and your life.


Ongoing, multi-level support ensures consistent progress and quantum leaps.

  • Six retreats over two years facilitate experiential learning and accelerated processing.
  • Periodic teleclasses engage you in new perspectives and reinforce your vision of an effortless business and life.
  • A system of accountability and a complete portfolio of tools and materials support the hands-on process of implementation.
  • Experience the power of a community of your most successful and aware peers, working together to create phenomenal businesses and lives.
  • Work with world-class professional coaches who combine industry-specific expertise with proven strategies and extensive experience in addressing the limiting programs that cause advisors to struggle.

With over ten years of experience, Tracy Beckes is widely recognized as a masterful coach. She understands the unique challenges of running a financial planning firm, and works with the guiding principle that when you develop the advisor, the business automatically grows and develops. With an extensive background in effective business development, and an affinity for the complexities of the business world, she applies a unique, multi-dimensional approach to transforming a business and the advisor.


Years of research and experience with advisors have proven that the Effortless Outrageous Business methodology and approach is the fastest, most effective way to create the business and life of your dreams. This program is an unparalleled opportunity to make core-level shifts that will take you and your business to the next level.

Take Action!


To explore the power of the Effortless Outrageous Business philosophy and details about the Interactive Group Program, or to reserve your space, please call us or send an e-mail so one of our team members can contact you. 

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What advisors say about Tracy...

Tracy has repeatedly “wowed” me with the impact of our coaching exchanges. Her masterful intervention has helped me in a holistic way. She has helped me to work through specific challenges very positively and profitably, exhibiting a high level of attention and comprehension, good judgment and a soft touch. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy.
                     ~ Paul Murk, CFP

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1. Life Goals    Live by design.

2. Environment    Craft an optimum environment.

3. Natural Abilities    Do what you love.


4. Completions    Live in a state of completion.

5. Money
    Make what you're worth.

6. Communications
    Honor the truth.

7. Self Care
    Cultivate well being.


 8. Engagement Standards 

     great clients.

     Teach your clients to be



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